What Web Development Experts Need to Succeed Today

The web development and marketing industry has become one of the most competitive of all. With so many businesses seeking attention-getting websites of their own, agencies and entrepreneurs that are capable of delivering can count on being rewarding richly.

Just how best to prepare to succeed in this area is a question that many have difficulty answering. The founder of a well regarded accelerator program, a veteran of the industry named Joe Kashurba, could make for a productive example for others. As a look at Kashurba’s resume on LinkedIn will make clear, it takes a fairly well rounded set of skills to be able to provide everything that clients need.

Covering All the Bases to Reliably Ensure Success

Whereas it used to be sufficient for hopeful designers and marketers to cover a few different requirements in relatively shallow fashion, that is no longer the case. Instead, high achievers like Kashurba tend to demonstrate truly deep capabilities that range across areas including:

  • Technology. While it might seem like enough for a web developer today to be comfortable with setting up WordPress sites, it will almost always be better to be able to grapple with the technology that lies underneath. Even having at least a basic facility with the PHP programming language, for example, can put a web developer ahead of the competition on that account.
  • Design. Much of the art of design seems intuitive, but there are typically some fairly clear-cut principles underlying the judgments that successful designers make. Understanding how particular design decision affect user experience and conversion rates has also become a requirement of the industry.
  • Marketing. A website that looks great and performs perfectly might seem like an asset in its own right, but that will rarely be true. The most successful entrepreneurs in this space today inevitably understand how to make sure that sites receive the exposure and traffic they deserve.

Succeeding in an Increasingly Competitive Field

For web development and marketing specialists who take care to plug up any gaps that might remain in their own skill sets, being able to deliver results that will truly benefit clients becomes far more likely. Looking to the paths laid down by notable figures like Kashurba can easily help.

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